Saturday, April 14, 2012

Round 1 - Gina's Birthday

"Come on, you stupid pancakes...I have a party to throw in half an hour!" Nancy yelled at her cheap stove as she stomped her feet in frustration. Today was Gina's birthday, and the last party they would throw in Green Valley for a very long time. Everything had to be perfect.

"COOK, FRAMMIT!" She sighed as she took the pancakes off the stove and threw them in the trash. They weren't cooking, and it was cutting too close into the little time she had left to change.

Later, the guests arrived; both invited and...well...uninvited.

"What are you doing here, you hussy?!"

"Grandma Yeli, it's me...Marta!"

"I know damn well who you are, and you're not wanted here! You will not ruin this precious little girl's birthday!"

And of course, family rifts weren't the only disasters happening that day.

"Alright, everything's set up! Can you go get the guests? Youssef? Um, hell-ooooo?!"


"What on Earth are you- OHMAHGAWD FIRE!!!"

"Did someone say FIRE? This is so cool, man!!"


"Ew, Michale. You farted, dude!"


"Youssef...why aren't you helping?!" Michale asked breathlessly.

"The killed each and every one of them. My family burned in the dancing flames of death."

"Each and every one of them...and only I survived..."

"Dude, Youssef, snap out of it and help me extinguish this!"

"Oh, right. Sorry. I was just working on my memoir."

By the time the firefighters arrived (at the wrong house, no less), the fire was already extinguished. Thankfully, the Miguel-Nagis escaped a fine.

And as expected, Gina grew up into a gorgeous little girl!

But of course, the day was bittersweet. What marked the beginning of Gina's life proved to be the end of life as they knew it, in the peaceful outskirts of Plum City.

Miguel-Nagi Household

Nancy Miguel-Nagi

Traits: Adventurous, Clumsy, Good, Frugal, Charismatic
Favorites: Classical, Fruit Parfait, Violet

Youssef Miguel-Nagi

Traits: Flirty, Artistic, Natural Cook, Angler, Friendly
Favorites: French, Stu Surprise, Grey

Gina Miguel-Nagi

Traits: Loner, Athletic
Favorites: Hip Hop, Fish and Chips, Yellow

A Deal With the Mayor

Nancy Miguel was having difficulty adjusting to her new life as a mother. All the other sims seemed to make the transition so gracefully, despite all the challenges. Even with the late night feedings, the stinky soiled diapers, and the never-ending wails, most mothers seemed to have a better handle on things than Nancy.

As much as she hated to admit it to herself, Nancy was quite happy to leave Gina with Youssef as she left the house to start her day. The sun was rising and the wind was blowing gently, just enough to perk her up after a long night with the baby.

Of course, the baby wasn't the only stress on the Miguel-Nagis. Due to a money scam in Sunset Valley they unwittingly invested in, they lost a large chunk of Nancy's savings, and she lost a lot of her influence as an ambassador. The little green house that was once incredibly affordable is now a luxury they're barely holding onto. It was incredibly frustrating to have to start her career over in a house with little furniture and a quickly growing baby girl.

They could always move away to Nuia Simoa where their meager simoleans were surely worth much  more, but Nancy liked it in Green Valley. She had finally found a place where she felt like she belonged.

"Howdy, neighbor!" Patrick yelled as Nancy absentmindedly passed him by. She snapped out of her trance and smiled at him graciously.

"Oh, hey Pat! How's the wife?"

"She's doing pretty good, a little tired though. How's little Gina? When do I get to see her?"

"Well, we're having a birthday party for her first birthday tomorrow," she smiled "And we'd love it if you could come! You guys are the closest thing to family we have around here, so she should probably get acquainted with her Uncle Pat. Oh, and bring Yelise too!"

"Sure thing," he smiled.

It was pleasant little exchanges like this that kept her anchored here. A place where everyone knows your name, your family, and where you live. A place where people care about you, and try to support you in whatever way they can. You can't find community like that just anywhere.

Nancy stopped by the Farmer's Market for a quick nectar fix while going over her plan for the day. She had to make a quick stop at the Salon of Swank for a haircut and new clothes, then a lunch meeting with the mayor about a possible expansion opportunity overseas, meeting with Janice to discuss the design of a museum she wants to build, and maybe volunteering for an hour or two at the retirement home.

She was exhausted just thinking about it.

A quick stop to the Salon of Swank helped Nancy look better in the style department, and gave her the boost of confidence she needed for the day.

"Hello? Sure, I can talk - but make it quick, please. One of the police officers locked himself out of the department? Okay, fine...I can help, but I'm in the middle of a meeting. I'll be there in two hours."

Yet another reason why she can't leave - how on Earth will this town survive without her?

"So, thanks for meeting me here Nancy. I deeply regret not being able to find a more private location, however."

"It's okay Julia, really. I love your mom's old cafe."

"Well, that's nice to hear. The reason I brought you here today is because I'm currently looking to reach out to a sister world called Azalea County for expansion. Our reserves are running low, and they have a much larger capacity for farmland and some gem mines. It also has astounding views, making it a great spot for tourism. Hopefully we can also merge ourselves in with Azalea County's neighbor, Matherview. We need the space to develop a 'higher education' program."

"So by 'merge' and 'reach out', you mean-"

"Gradually conquer, yes. I know it sounds crass, but I'm simply thinking about the good of my people."

"And I don't mean to pry, but how's the home life? Last I heard you were forced to live in that old Cypress home on the outskirts. That's no life for little Gina."

"Well, it has been a rough adjustment. I kept telling everyone that we should save our pennies and not be so wasteful, but what's done is done I guess."

"What about Youssef? How is he?"

"We don't really speak much," Nancy shrugged.

"Oh dear. Trouble in paradise?"

"Not really...we've just been so busy lately we hardly have time to just sit down and talk. Isn't that how it usually goes for a married couple with babies?"

"I don't know dear, you look absolutely exhausted!"

"I am, but let's just focus on the topic at hand."

"Alright. I've got a solution to your housing problem."

"Hit me."

"Move to Azalea County to negotiate with the locals on behalf of Green Valley. I've already paid for your lots, and Janice can assist you with budgeting and design."

"Wait- you expect me to pack up my family and just leave for another world?! We just moved into our house, and Gina will be one soon! She needs stability!"

"She also needs a daycare service, a higher education program, and a decent primary and secondary education. We don't have the space for all that here. Face it dear, it's better this way."

"Fine, I'll do it." Nancy sighed. "But, I will only do it on the condition that I won't have to stay down there any longer than two months, and I get a salary of $14,000 a week."

"A week?! Are you insane?" Julia gasped. "There is no way on Earth I'm paying for your property, your house, and paying you $14,000 a week! There's just no way!"

"Then there's no deal."

"I'll pay you $7,000 a week. That's as high as I'll go."

"Alright, $7,000 it is."

"Thank you so much, Nancy!" Julia beamed. "I just know this will work out splendidly for the both of us."