Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Beginnings - Round 1

Patrick sneaked downstairs and poured himself a glass of nectar for a "midnight snack". Today was the day of  their wedding, and he couldn't be happier. His anxiety was through the roof. He was so ready, but at the same time, the annoying butterflies in his stomach just wouldn't quiet down.

Patrick made his way to the nectary after finishing up his drink. He had a long day ahead of him, and making nectar usually helped him quiet his mind. That is, of course, until he walked in on the nectar clerk sneaking some bottles of nectar into her skirt.

She wasn't fired due to the lack of a replacement, but her pay was docked substantially.

Later on that morning, Hilda and Patrick met up at the Cypress Garden. It was a beautiful park full of abundant flora and breathtaking fountains, but it was also a little cramped.

Hilda talked about setting up the nursery to welcome a baby one day. The nursery was left unfinished quite awhile ago, and they certainly had enough money to finish it.

A little pre-wedding affection never hurt anyone, so Hilda and Patrick did what they do best.

And of course, Lonnie walked in to examine the new wrinkles on his face. Middle age was not doing him well, and one could even say he was going through a crisis.

Hilda was excited to see Molly walk in through the archway and gave her a huge hug. Aunt Molly was one of her favorite aunts on her dad's side.

Lonnie walked out to greet the ever-growing Nancy and her little unborn baby. Thankfully there will be no nectar at this wedding, so the baby should be safe.

The wedding began at 9:30 sharp, and so did the tears. Hilda's parents were especially tearful, and the crowd was wonderful.

Of course, some attendees were more (and less) emotional than the others.

"And with this ring, I wed thee..."

Nancy ran away from the ceremony rather quickly to stand by the flowers and toss rice.

"Whee, look at me! I'm blessing your union with grains!"

"Um, yeah. That's nice Nancy. Can I get to my cake now?"

Lonnie watched his sister-in-law cut the cake without any real emotion. Patrick wished he could be there cutting the cake with her, but he got distracted and missed his chance.

He made it up to her with flowers.

"Oh my Creator, I love red roses! How'd you know?"

"How long have we been together again?"

Hilda was about to join her husband on the lovely bench before she noticed something strange about a guest.

"Um...Dad? Why do you have a metal pick glued to your hand?"

"I don't know what you're talking about, dear."

Being the newlyweds that they were, they decided to ignore the problem and simply make out for an hour.

Hilda sat down for a meal with about 1/8 of her family. Her father, her cousin, and her uncle were all seated for a nice brunch of cake and salad.

She then sat at her husband's table to finish off a plate of turkey no one ate, and continued to search for (and destroy) unattended plates. Wasted food is wasted simoleans, you know!

Patrick was confused by this sudden frugality, and was unsure as to whether or not he should be elated or concerned.

"Honey, I'm getting so sick of seeing these abandoned dishes everywhere. I mean I know I'm a slob, but the rest of them have no excuse!"

"Hilda, your dad is creeping me out."

"Haha, I give you two a week before calling it quits!"

The matriarchs of the two families all sat at one table, with Hilda's grandmother Oliana and Patrick's mother Yelise paying quite a bit of attention to the newlyweds.

Daniella noticed their stunned expressions and sighed in slight disgust. "They're doing something behind me, aren't they? I refuse to look."

The last guest finally left by about 5PM, and their wedding ceremony was a massive success! Hilda celebrated by playing in her mirrors.


  1. Looks like the wedding went really well! Hilda is such a sweetie and I loved her choice of wedding shoes, cowboy boots! Hee, hee so cute. I imagine she is a little bit of a country gal at heart.

    Hilda and Patrick seem like a perfect match. I look forward to seeing more of these two! :)

    1. The wedding did turn out well, much to my surprise. Hilda is definitely close to her Cypress Hills roots. :D

      Thanks for commenting! :) I plan on doing some updating tomorrow hopefully, but if not then definitely Sunday.

  2. Awww, that was a lovely wedding.

    Sorry that I missed you had a new blog up. But it's on my list now!

  3. Hilda's choice of wedding dress was really cute. The wedding went so well and looked nice :)

    1. Thanks! :) I'm just surprised no one wet themselves, especially since I forgot to build a bathroom and the guests nearly ate themselves into a coma.

  4. I love Nancy and her crazy behaviour. I wonder how Hilda and Patricks marrage will go?

    1. It was pretty much smooth sailing, ironically enough Patrick's perfect cousins had a rougher time. Mystery children and affairs all over the place, lol!