Sunday, July 1, 2012

R1 - Starting Over

Miguel-Nagi: Starting Over
Round 1
Spring of 1965

Not much has happened to the Miguel-Nagis since we last checked in. Their move to Millbrook County (a small town on the southern side of Altwater) was a very smooth transition. They have a nice house, with plenty of space for a booming garden or maybe a few playthings for Gina.

Of course, frugal Nancy was not at all happy with the expenses. She constantly daydreamed of being able to go back to her job as Bridgeport's go-to Worldly Relations Ambassador, but they demoted her when she took maternity leave. Plus, she started to miss her friends back in Plum City. The town here was so sparse in population, she began to feel separated from society.

Youssef was much less conflicted about the move. He really liked it here. The limited population meant less traffic, more jobs, and most importantly - less people to potentially hurt his precious little girl. It's not like they could do anything to a toddler, but one day she'll be all grown up and messing around with boys - or girls - who will only break her heart in the end. As a father, he couldn't imagine his lovely Gina falling for a boy who behaved as he once did.

Gina didn't seem to have an opinion on the move, since her mind was on more important things. You know, toddler things. She was hitting all those important milestones in record-time, including walking. At times like this, Nancy and Youssef wished Gina had more family around to see her progress.

Nancy had no problem in the friends department, despite the sparseness of people. She quickly found a best friend in Allison, and her elderly neighbors down the street.

She also found a friend in her garden, which served as a way to save and make money while taking care of Gina.

And although the town was quiet, they were not immune to robberies and accidental fires. Thankfully, they had enough of those in Plum City to be prepared for them here in Millbrook.

Every now and then, Youssef and Nancy like to put on their evening's finest and go out on the town. After the owner of the Empire Ballroom requested Youssef to perform every night, they finally had the perfect excuse to go out at night.

Youssef enjoyed playing for the patrons of the Empire Ballroom and taking in the ambience. It didn't pay very much, but he enjoyed being back in the music scene again.

And of course, the hot tub was a very nice perk.

Cheezy's notes: This post was a bit scatter-brained, as I'm still trying to organize everything. This is basically just a summary of what Nancy and Youssef have been doing to try and get used to their time in Millbrook. I find it easier if I cram all of the sim-week into one post, so there aren't several Round 1 posts for one family. Just a fair warning; that means some families will have word-heavy and picture-laden posts! 

A map of Altwater will be coming soon, but it's pretty sparse as it's still in the "development" phase. I'm using MySimsRealty's Storybrook County as Altwater's map.


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  2. Oh please continue with this. I love prosperitiy type stories. Don't see many around these days. I'll follow just in case you make a come back ;)

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  3. Oh don't worry, I haven't given up on it! :) I've actually had some adventures in CAW trying to get Altwater onto a custom map. It's all currently in progress, but hopefully I'll have some chapters up soon! It's nice to know I'm still getting readers, lol.

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