Friday, August 3, 2012

The Miguel-Nagi Family

Name: Youssef Miguel-Nagi
Hometown: Al Simhara
Current Location: Millbrook County
Age: 40 SimYears
LTW: Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
Traits: Angler, Natural Cook, Flirty, Artistic, Brave
Occupation: Desk Jockey (Law Enforcement)
Bio: Youssef enjoyed his time in Al Simhara as a permanent bachelor, until his
wife Nancy came along. He thought he'd never settle down, but she convinced
him that the married life isn't so bad. They've been married for five years, and he's been 
faithful ever since. His only wish is to be able to quit his desk job and spend more time
with his daughter.
Family: Nancy Miguel-Nagi (wife), Gina Miguel-Nagi (daughter)

Name: Nancy Miguel-Nagi
Hometown: Bridgeport
Current Location: Millbrook County
Age: 25 SimYears
LTW: Seasoned Traveler
Traits: Adventurous, Frugal, Charismatic, Good, Clumsy
Occupation: Junior Ambassador (currently on leave)
Bio: In another life, Nancy had an exciting (and lucrative) career as a
Junior Ambassador for her hometown of Bridgeport. After having a child with
Youssef, she took an indefinite leave to take care of the new
baby girl. Now, more than ever, she wants to hop back in the game. Youssef
is willing to stay home and take care of Gina while Nancy is overseas,
but for some reason Nancy just can't bring herself to leave...
Family: Youssef Miguel-Nagi (husband), Gina Miguel-Nagi (daughter)

Name: Gina Miguel-Nagi
Hometown: Plum Grove
Current Location: Millbrook County
Age: Six Months
LTW: Undecided
Traits: Heavy Sleeper, Couch Potato
Occupation: Toddler
Bio: N/A
Family: Youssef Miguel-Nagi (father), Nancy Miguel-Nagi (mother)

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