Friday, August 3, 2012

R1 - Out on the Town

Gyles: Out on the Town
Round 1
Spring of 1965

Paulette still struggled with school. She's been doing slightly better since joining the Study club at Millbrook High, but she still has the problem of paying attention to her mind-numbing homework. Her parents were a little worried about whether or not she needed professional help for it.

Even Papa agreed that her problem with school deserved some medical attention!

A new teen hot-spot called "The Hive" opened up across the street from the gym, so the teens ventured out after school to check it out.

Lucas and Kyra had fun taking silly pictures with the photobooth (but not *too* much fun, mind you).

Paulette was feeling rebellious one day and decided to release the frogs in Millbrook High's science department. What she didn't expect, however, was law enforcement to show up; sirens blazing and all.

Paulette: "Please officer, I'm so sorry! Don't arrest me! I'm having an awful time at school already..."

Paulette: "Um...officer?"


Yep, there goes that neurotic streak! Rest assured that although she did not get arrested (and subsequently grounded), she served plenty of detention the next day.

While the teenyboppers enjoyed their little hive hangout, Luke and Erin waltzed over to GlassHAUS, the latest and greatest of the Altwater nightlife scene. The tickets were pretty expensive at 100 simoleans per sim, but they had lots of fun during their night out. Or at least, I think they did...

Erin and Luke: "As long as the bartender's out of our waaaayyy, we'll sing alllll night and daaayyy..."

Meanwhile, the teens went down to the previously mentioned Hive and hung out with some friends. They met two new Millbrook High students, brothers Samuel and Jared. Samuel was the eldest at 14 SimYears, and Jared was the same age as Paulette and Lemon (13). Paulette really admired Samuel's athleticism, and his curiosity about other worlds. She could listen to him talk about Shang Simla or Al Simhara all day, if given the chance.

Paulette had a musical bond with Jared that couldn't be denied; when they jammed together, every note just fell into place. She really wished Lemon was there to jam along with them. She and Jared became fast friends after discussing some music theory.

Of course, she still had homework to finish. After jamming, she did the responsible thing and finished up her homework. Still, she thought it was so unfair that Lucas finished way before she did and played games with this girlfriend all night.

Papa and Sheba enjoy playing around with each other, much to everyone's delight. Hopefully those puppies will come soon!

Luke gave his son a lecture about his future, and not just wasting his youth on soda and arcade games. He was very concerned about his son's laziness and his lack of interest in things he could survive off of. Lucas didn't really have a great relationship with his dad and generally found him to be a bore, so he didn't listen much. He figured that he could just make money off of donating animals to science labs.

Of course, then he started thinking about his future as a Zoologist. He would need a degree, which would require college, scholarships, and - wait for it - good grades. Lucas decided that helping his dad out in the garden wouldn't hurt, and it could be a good start to finding an educational activity that suits him.

Erin and Luke found a dog gnome outside of their house one day. They're not sure who left it there, but it looked nice enough!

Cheezy's notes: Lucas seriously has no interests, no skills, no special traits...nothing. It made me concerned for him, since adolescence is such a pivotal time for skill gaining! 

-I'm going to close down Millbrook High in favor for another school I've created, so I'm basically building my own educational system as opposed to using EA's rabbitholes. My system will focus on two basic skills (writing and logic) and the rest will be electives. More on that later!


  1. Yeah for teens, and specially for Paulette! They're always so much fun to follow! Your Hive is buzzling with life, it's great to see it in use!

    <3 @ Erin & Luke singing together at the very chic GlassHAUS!

    Can't wait to read more about your education system!

    1. Hopefully it'll buzz with more life as I get more teens! :) I'm trying to work them in with purpose, but it's hard to keep adding families in when I have no businesses or lots to use them for. I'm populating faster than I can build!

      Erin and Luke are kind of adorable together, lol. I loved that picture of them!

      I'm working on the school right now, just adding some finishing touches here and there. I thought I finished it, but apparently that was just a dream I had. :P

  2. I'm intrigued by your new education system that you're setting up!

    Erin and Luck singing karaoke was hilarious - and oh so cute.

    Papa and Sheba. <3 I can't wait to see the pups.

    I just want to point out that Paulette is frakkin' adorable. I love her so much so far!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! :D

      I can't wait to play it out! I haven't been able to play recently, but hopefully the education system will run well.

      I can't wait either. ;)

      LOL, I totally agree! I love her. :)

      Thanks for stopping by, Giga!

    2. Your Hive lot is so cool. It looks like just the perfect hangout for teens. I've been wanting to create something like this for my Valentine neighborhood and I think you've given me some inspiration! :)

      Paulette is so cute BTW. I just love neurotic sims! :p

    3. Thanks!! :D I love reading your updates when I get the chance to. Your sims all have such great backstories, it's inspiring. :)